We are so glad that you want to take part in ROVE! We are always looking for interesting ideas that involve art, community and a good time and look forward to hearing about what you have in mind for the event.

Please fill out the application below and we will be in touch.

Applications for ROVE in May are due on March 1st!

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  • Even though ROVE is a fun event we take it seriously and expect you to as well!
  • If you are asked in be in the upcoming ROVE there will be a non refundable fee collected. 
  • Once you are offered a spot in ROVE you will need to pay the participation fee and send photos to be used on our social media and a series of questions that will use for the VIA blog content (we will notify you well in advance when you will be featured). Failure to pay your fee on time means you forfeit your spot in ROVE.
  • Read your emails and make sure you reply. We commit to respecting you through clear and timely communication too!
  • Failure to provide information, full payment or participating fully in the event will lead to you losing your spot and not receiving a refund. 
  • The success of this event comes from everyone working together! By actively taking part in promotion of the event and making your space unique and interesting on the night we are sure to have our best ROVE yet. This will benefit everyone!